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Best Homemade Windows Cleaning Recipe

Recipe / July 23, 2023

I’m actually not even dreading this task now that we have that conveniently pop out for easy cleaning. However I did want to try to find a more natural — or homemade window-cleaning solution this year.

I was told to try vinegar and water, but I wasn’t 100% satisfied — it was too streaky.

So I did some more research and found about 48 different homemade recipes for glass cleaner. Yikes…it was a bit overwhelming! But after reading the reviews {and a bunch of trial and error} I picked the following “recipe” as my favorite.


1 c. water

2 T. vinegar

2 T. rubbing alcohol

1 1/2 t. cornstarch


1. Mix all ingredients in a small spray bottle {I got mine from the “beauty section” of the grocery store}

2. Shake

3. Spray on windows, mirrors, or any other glass surface

4. Wipe with a soft cloth or paper towel

5. Enjoy your streak-free shine for pennies!

NOTE — You will have to shake the bottle every time because the cornstarch settles to the bottom.
TIP — I wrote the recipe right on the spray bottle so I wouldn’t forget when it was time to make more.

Source: andreadekker.com