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Residential Windows Cleaners

Residential Windows Cleaning / December 26, 2022

Residential Window Cleaning in Maryland, Northern VA & Washington, DC

Are your windows dirty? Cleaning them yourself may be a daunting task, especially if you live in a multi-story home. Instead of struggling to climb a ladder with a bucket of water and a squeegee in hand, why not leave the job to the professionals?

At KEVCO Building Services, our crew members dress in uniform, carry photo IDs, and drive lettered vehicles for your peace of mind. We are the only company in the DC Metro area with over three decades of professional experience in residential window cleaning. Plus, we’re endorsed by the Washington Post and have a top-notch rating from Angie’s List, so you know you’re getting the very best!

If your windows need a good cleaning, let KEVCO handle the job. Call us at 800-315-3444 today to request a free residential window cleaning quote!

Residential Window Cleaning Services in MD, DC & VA

We provide routine and single-visit window cleaning services for all residential properties and glass types, including:

  • Single-family homes
  • Townhouses
  • Condominiums
  • Apartment buildings
  • Bay windows
  • Palladium windows
  • Storm windows
  • Skylights
  • Sliding glass doors
  • Window and door screens
  • Decorative and stained glass

In addition to cleaning the interior and exterior of your windows, we also wipe out the tracks, leaving the entire window completely spotless. If any of your windows are stuck shut, our team is adept at restoring their functionality.

The Benefits of Routine Window Cleaning

Obviously, our services leave you with clean windows, but you stand to gain so much more when you choose KEVCO for the job! Seek routine window cleaning from our team to enjoy:

  • Improved curb appeal: Especially during the spring and summer months, pollen, dust, and hard water spots can leave unsightly residue on your windows. That’s why one of the most cost-effective ways to improve your home’s appearance, both inside and out, is to have your windows professionally cleaned.
  • More natural light: Dingy windows restrict the sunlight entering your home. Sometimes, DIY cleaning doesn’t help much because of the water spots and streaks left behind. At KEVCO, we clean with deionized water to prevent spotting and streaking. Once we’re done professionally cleaning your windows, you’ll be amazed at how bright and airy your home looks!
  • Protection for your windows: Hard water, acid, and dirt linger on window panes and frames, reducing the view to the exterior and impairing window functionality over time. Routine cleaning helps to protect this investment and keeps your windows looking their best for years to come.
  • Early detection of damage: Many homeowners look out of their windows, but very few really look at their windows. As part of the cleaning process, our team inspects window frames, locking mechanisms, hinges, and other components for signs of damage. If we spot any problems that demand attention, we’ll let you know so you can pursue a repair or replacement if you choose to.
  • Safe, effective cleaning: If the exterior of your windows are impossible to clean from the inside, it may be unsafe for you to attempt DIY window cleaning. At KEVCO, we don’t just use ladders—our inventory also includes motorized scaffolding, hydraulic lifts, articulating boom lifts, and other tools to help us clean your windows safely and effectively.
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