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Deionized Water Windows Cleaning

Water Windows Cleaning / March 23, 2024

The HydroTube™ offers a better, faster way to clean windows up to 5 stories safely from the ground. The unique linear design (patent pending) allows us to build a sophisticated high volume reverse osmosis DI water purification system all in one portable tube. The result is spot free windows at a fraction of the cost and time of any other system.

The HydroTube™ moves easily in and out of vehicles, up and down steps, and across any terrain. The HydroTube™ has the unique ability to produce a high volume of pure water on normal tap pressure. The possibilities are endless and the system can be upgraded at any time with an electric or gas module. This includes a 4 stage filtration system which includes reverse osmosis, and deionization process to produce mineral free water providing for incredible cleaning action and spot free windows.

  • Lightest weight (28 Lbs.) Portable RO/DI Cart
  • Easily transported in and out of vehicles
  • Rolls effortlessly on sidewalks, grass and up and down stairs
  • Operates laying down
  • Comes complete with a choice of telescopic pole or sectional poles from 12’ - 35’
  • Handheld TDS meter
  • Produces pure water at less than $.03 per gallon
  • Cleans up to 3 stories without a pump (Based on incoming tap pressure)
  • Works on tap pressure only, Eco-Boost with gas or electric motor is available for more pressure or use with two poles.
  • Easy change filters require no tools

Why Pure Water?
The mineral-free water provides incredible cleaning action and spot free windows without using a chemical. It keeps windows cleaner longer leaving no residue or build up on the surface.

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