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Commercial Windows Cleaning Jobs

Commercial / December 26, 2022

A window cleaner is a person whose career is dedicated to keeping the exterior glass and windows of commercial buildings clean and presentable. While the popular perceptions of window cleaners may envision them working on the exteriors of skyscrapers, the reality is that most window cleaners do plenty of work on single-story structures. Window cleaners typically work for dedicated providers of this service, as most businesses will contract out window cleaning work as part of their scheduled lands and facilities maintenance. People in this career typically work only on exterior window surfaces.

One of the main things involved in being a window cleaner is mastery of the sometimes difficult and frustrating skill of cleaning an exterior glass surface. Most window cleaning companies train on the job, typically by assigning entry-level personnel to assist skilled workers and trainers. The work typically involves applying a cleaning solution diluted with water, then using a rubber blade or squeegee to remove the excess and clean the window. There are times when a window cleaner must use other techniques as well, such as gently scraping away stubborn dirt, stickers, or other unwanted exterior surface items.

To work as a window cleaner, normally the minimal educational requirement is a high school diploma. Window cleaning contractors tend to teach technique on the job, although higher-paying work is normally reserved for cleaners with experience. Window cleaning is exterior work and can be somewhat physically demanding, so window cleaners should have adequate fitness. This line of work also involves field work in the outdoors every day, and it is dependent upon weather conditions.

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