Tips for Hiring Melbourne Window Cleaners ~ Commercial Window

Commercial Windows Cleaning Melbourne

Commercial / December 26, 2022

Whatever your commercial needs we have the experience.

  • High Rise Rigging/ Abseiling techniques
  • Swing Stage
  • Ladder Work
  • Waterfed Poles

Waterfed Poles provide a more cost effective way to clean medium rise buildings. These can represent any of a variety of types of telescopic poles, fitted at the upper end with a brush and water jets, fed by domestic or commercial water outlets.

We are fully qualified in all these services. We specialise in all types of commercial window cleaning in Melbourne. We are committed to providing you with the best services available. We can offer advice and an obligation free quote on the most cost effective way to maintain your premises. Our years of experience guarantee it!!

Do you have water marks on your glass? This can be caused by:

  • Glass next to concrete paths, rain hits the path and then splashes on the window.
  • Sprinkler systems allowed to spray on glass.
  • Water hitting window framing then splashing onto glass.
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