Unger stingray internal window cleaning kit

Unger Professional Windows Cleaning Kit

Kit / February 12, 2024

By Wyatt Thompson -

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Had difficulty getting used to the window washing process, and the squeegee blades are good, but not great. The bucket is too short for the soaping brush, but I made it work. In short, it works and the components are good, but I have seen other sets which work MUCH better; though they cost more.

The instructions look like these attach securely to the pole but I don't think that's the case missstsomewhere -

I think a part must be missing. There is no way to attach the various heads securely to the pole securely (no snap on). There seems to be pin missing or something. There are holes in the pole and holes in the heads as if they should slide in an snap but since both pieces only have the holes and nothing to snap into, the heads just fall right off. The instructions look like these just slide on to the pole and snap on but if you do that, since there is no way to secure them, unless you are only going up and down so the head doesn't fall off, there is going to be a problem. And if you are on the 12th floor like me, leaning out my window and cleaning it going sideways, that would be a lawsuit waiting to happen. I've watched the Youtube videos, but they just tell you how wonderful the product is.

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By Amazon Customer -

I would mention that I did have to ream out the hole in the plastic handle on the brush for the quick release connector. The pin that holds it securely to the handle would not quite reach the hole until I elongated it somewhat. It works just fine now.

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