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Professional Windows Cleaning Services

Professional / July 31, 2023

We are Alameda and Contra Costa's Most
Recognized & Trusted Window Cleaning Company.

We provide Professional: Window Washing, Power Washing,
Gutter Cleaning, Pigeon/Bird Contol, Removal and Clean-Up, Construction Cleans, and our Exclusive Holiday/Christmas Lighting Services with an attention to quality and detail.

We focus on developing lasting relationships with each of our individual clients. We offer free estimates, competitive prices, and superior Quality .


Established in 2002.

ALL PRO Window Cleaning Service... is a Property Maintenance Company that has been serving the East Bay Area since 2002.

Fully Bonded, Licensed & Insured... "Professionals"

For immediate assistance please call:

Pleasanton Office: 925.460.0100
Walnut Creek Office: 925.945.0800
Discovery Bay Office: 925.634.1806

Toll Free: 800.418.7595

Proudly Serving the following Communities:

San Fransico, Sacramento, Stockton, Alameda and Contra Costa Counties: Alamo, Antioch, Bethel Island, Blackhawk, Brentwood, Byron, Castro Valley, Clayton, Concord, Danville, Diablo, Discovery Bay, Dublin, Lafayette, Livermore, Mountain House, Newark, Oakley, Pittsburg, Pleasanton, Pleasant Hill, Ruby Hill, San Ramon, Tracy, and Walnut Creek, Ca.

Meet the Business Owner

"The Leader in Professional Bird Control, Gutter Cleaning, Pressure Washing, Window Washing, & Property Maintenance"

Established in 2002, We are one of San Joaquin, Alameda and Contra Costa Counties premier, Most Recognized & Trusted Property Maintenance Cleaning Company.

We offer free estimates, competitive prices and superior quality.
"It's guaranteed that our work will be done to your specifications!"

Mission Statement...
Our mission statement is very clear and to the point, to provide the best quality service without compromise to Professionalism, customer satisfaction or quality control.

"We focus on developing lasting relationships with each of our individual clients... We are certain that we can offer the most professional and consistent services in the industry to our clients."

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