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Professional Windows Cleaning Solutions

Professional / January 13, 2023

Exterior windowThey let in light, keep out the weather and (if we’re lucky) provide us with beautiful views of the outside world, but when our windows are dirty, they can really detract from the overall look of our homes, inside and out. While many homeowners have tackled the task of window cleaning on their own, the benefits of professional window cleaning are more significant than most would expect. Professional window washing is not always the cheapest option, but when you consider the advantages of hiring a pro for this job many will find that professional window cleaning is well worth paying for.

Professional Window Cleaning Offers Better Results

Just as professional detailers can bring a showroom shine to just about any vehicle, professional window washing is likely to leave your windows looking better than you ever imagined. Most able-bodied homeowners can wash their own windows, but when you compare the equipment, specialty cleaning solutions, and hours of experience a pro brings to the job, it’s easy to understand why so few homeowners produce the kind of results you get from a trained crew.

Professional Window Washing Leaves No Cut Corners

For most of us, the times when we could wash our windows are the same times we would normally spend doing things we actually enjoy. Though some die-hard do-it-yourselfers might view a full weekend of thoroughly washing their windows as recreation, most of us would rather be doing something else with our time. The urge to cut corners and finish fast is a difficult one to ignore, and when cleaning windows cuts into your free time, the tendency is to wash the first few really well but slack off more and more as the day goes on. Since professional window cleaning is performed by people getting paid and repeat business is typically dependent on good prior performance, a good window washing company is not going to let their guard down until the final window is as spotless as the first.

Professional Window Cleaning Companies Are Affordable

Of course, there’s no way we can tell you that professional window washing is less expensive than cleaning your own windows. However, when you consider the cost of professional cleaning solutions, static-free rags, squeegees, extension poles, ladders, and other equipment you’d need to get the same results as the pros, it can make the added cost of paying for window washing seem a little more understandable. Couple the equipment expenses with the amount of time you’d need to spend to finish the job, and professional window cleaning is actually quite reasonable!

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Couple Professional Window Washing with Other Tasks

One of the nicest extras of professional window cleaning is the fact that many companies who offer it also offer other services. These companies typically offer packages to include different types of assistance, including power washing, gutter cleaning and other interior maid services (such as floors, mirrors, and ceiling fans). Some companies even cover custom work, such as tinting, construction cleanup and pest control (for instance, if you have problems with birds mistaking your glass for a door). By getting several tasks completed on the same visit, you’ll save yourself time, hassle and maybe even a little money, too!

Finding a Good Professional Window Cleaning Service

Since window washing is hardly as complex a task as many other home improvement services, the potential for running into less-than-professional window cleaning companies is higher than it is for kitchen remodeling or basement finishing companies. Never hire window washers from a flyer on your car or ones drumming up business going door-to-door.

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